Sociability and respect are the two cornerstones of our menu design.

The respect is for the ingredients, the freshness of local produce, the seasons and the concept of paddock to plate, as well as cooking techniques learned over many years.

Sociability comes through fun, sometimes quirky plates designed to share, so that the eating and enjoyment of food becomes a central part of the shared experience.

The drinks list is designed for conversation, such as our 24 hour bloody Mary, with ingredients chilled over a period of 24 hours to ensure full flavour infusion. Or our Social No 5, featuring watermelon liquor vodka, mint and lemonade, ideal served on the veranda.

Snack on such imaginative dishes as our polenta crumbed eggplant chips with Parmesan aioli, or our pork, sweet potato and jalapeno quesadillas with guacamole.

And, we don’t want to start a chicken war, but… if someone thinks there is tastier coated chicken and dipping source than our KSC – Kennigo Social Chicken – we’d like to put it to a blind taste test. We’re so confident of this dish, we think it’s certain to become our first Kennigo Social House institution by popular demand.

Dine or graze, it’s up to you.

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