Chef Profile

Steven Herold is energised.

He is talking about a passion for food that has shaped his life and career for over 20 years. But he is not reminiscing; he is speaking with enthusiasm about the future of his latest venture as founding head chef of Kennigo Social House.

“It’s almost the perfect full circle. My first job in a kitchen was on the Gold Coast. My career as a chef has taken me to Singapore, London, Berlin…. I’ve worked under Michelin starred chefs and in all sorts of establishments; fine dining restaurants, gastronomic pubs, cafes. I’ve run my own private catering firm and I’ve cooked for dozens of celebrities. I feel like now I have a lot of different things I can bring to something I get to fashion from the start. It’s really exciting…”

Not that Steven is getting carried away with any grandiose visions. ‘At the end of the day, it’s about providing delicious food at reasonable prices. My menus are designed around providing seasonal, locally produced and flavoursome ingredients, cooked to highlight the freshness. Plus I’m big on presentation – I think food should be inviting, it should look good.’

And for fun? ‘I’ll let Al (his restaurant manager) take care of the atmosphere for the customers. I know he’s got some plans around cocktail making. Fun in the kitchen is for my team and I to have a good shift where everything goes smoothly and we get to enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.’

It’s a comment typical of the uncomplicated work ethic of this dedicated chef. But keeping it uncomplicated is what Steven Herold and Kennigo Social House seem to be all about.

‘We want people to enjoy themselves here. Not once, but often. It’s a Social House, after all. It’s my job to give them reasons to keep coming back’.